Gross floor area 32,700 m2
Available office space approx. 4,106 m2
Standard floor approx. 1.025 m2
Separable from approx. 496 m2
Site size approx. 7,060 m2
Parking spaces underground garage 241
Basement floors 4

Upper floors
Highrise 26
Base building 5

Upper floors/Corridor approx. 3.00 m
Ground floor approx. 3.50 m
Fit-out dimensions 1.35 m
Construction dimensions 8.10 m
10.40–11.60 m


It has always been the texture which makes WestendDuo so very special. Light glass envelopes the entire facade. Inside, you feel you’re outside, with a consistently exciting view over the city. Each floor offers new insights and panoramas. For ten years now, the building complex has fascinated with its simple elegance and its innovative technological and engineering design concept. As unique ceiling system was developed especially for this building, integrating the HVAC and consequently creating additional ceiling height. Both towers are connected by a common core. The compact nature of the building core offers extraordinarily efficient design possibilities both for space planning and for office arrangement. 

Geschäftspartner geben sich die Hand

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

With a height of 96 metres, WestendDuo is not among the tallest skyscrapers in the city, but definitely among the most attractive. 25 floors have been created within this height – with generous ceiling height and planning of the floors. The open view through the glass surfaces provides not only insights in the various offices and hallways, but also a wide range of views across the whole of Frankfurt. Accommodating two restaurants and the Prime Time gym, the ground floor offers an excellent mix for a vital work-life balance.

Hardly any of the other high-rises can boast such a successful blend. Despite the vibrant bustle of the ground floor, cleverly-designed access systems ensure that occupying firms can feel secure all day long. A constantly-manned reception desk guarantees reliable protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A range of practical everyday services rounds off the premium image of WestendDuo.